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The artworks, photographs, images, video/film footage and text editorials on this website are copyright of Ciska de Hartogh. Please note that none of the data published on this website may be reproduced, stored in an automated database and/or made public in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or any other way, without explicit prior written permission of Ciska de Hartogh. A request for permission must be submitted in advance, prior to any use or referral, by registered letter via the contact address on this website. Only after written permission in advance may data from this website as mentioned above be used. Against any infringement of this copyright, Ciska de Hartogh reserves all rights to defend and protect her copyrights. 

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Ciska de Hartogh

Barentszstraat 14

2518 XG Den Haag

The Netherlands

T +31 70 392 12 55

M +31 651 349 236

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Ciska de Hartogh

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