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Concerned about nature conservation and sustainability Ciska, in collaboration with nature conservation organisation Seafirst launched a nature conservation project by presenting a collection of art objects NATURE GOOD ie BAGS resembling ladies handbags, made from garbage recovered from beaches during summer Beach Clean Ups. The bags were given special names such as MarRy PopPins taKe OfF BaG, GOOD ie Garbage BAG, Remorsefull Modest Sea Net Bag, Plastic Octopussy, Dior Dionysus Gift BagI Beg YoU, You bEG mE, No tHank yOu DiSpOSable bag. This nature conservation art project was first succesfully launched in The Hague's museum of Education Museon, where her collection of NATURE GOOD ie BAGS was exhibited for the first time. Different perhaps in visual appearance from her other works of art, the collection does share Ciska's signature and philosophy of addressing social and environmental issues through art. Generally concerned about the plastic soup left as garbage by humanity which currently invades nature all over the world, Ciska decided to start actively campaigning against garbage dump, either on beaches or any places else. In her role as Art Activist Ciska started advocating about the consequences of human waste dump and initiated garbage cleaning projects and workshops in which she encourages participants to create luxury art bags made from collected waste garbage; plastic, cans, fishnets, buckets, plastic bottles and other waste items. Since its start this initiative and the NATURE GOOD ie BAGS collection travels The Netherlands. As active campaigner to fight mankind's polution for a clean and sustainable environment Ciska now includes all sorts of waste garbage in her art works and workshops. At the end of each workshop the participants are invited to take their designed bags, back home, thus effectively contributing to removing waste garbage contributing to nature conservation and a sustainable life style.

Ciska de Hartogh

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